The Collector’s Traveler Set Refills Robert Graham Valour


Robert Graham Valour. the art of audacity and boldness. for the loyal and the dynamic. the bulldog has always been a symbol of fierce individuality and willful intelligence — a fitting way to top off such a determined essence. housed in a faceted decanter and finished with a foulard print, this bottle gives a nod to the well-dressed modern gentlemen. This blended essence walks the line between fresh and sybaritic, mixing top notes clary sage, coffee santos and amber wood to give it the epitome of eclectic sophistication.

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  • The Collector’s Traveler refill includes three 7.4ML Blended Essence vials of Robert Graham Valour
  • Robert Graham Fragrances are a collection of Blended Essences that are exceptionally crafted and distinctive. These unique essences are the product of a singular blending and aging process that yield a flight of rich and expressive scents.

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