Robert Graham Fortitude 100ml


Robert Graham Fortitude. The art of magnetism and sensuality for those with a strong spirited and adventurous swagger like the legendary stamina of the horned ram whose head graces the artful decanter top. Robert Graham Fortitude evokes a daring sense of self and true grit. Deep, rich and almost mystical born of alchemy and the exotic.

An overly sensual top note of tobacco absolute with secondary notes of patchouli and tonka bean are melded to perfection for this distinctive blend.

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Robert Graham Menswear is for the insatiable collectors who pave their own road less-traveled with the knowledge that seeking is just as much fun as finding. the wisdom to not take it all so seriously and the inspiration to create your own truth. Robert Graham Fragrances are a collection of blended essences that are exceptionally crafted and distinctive. these unique essences are the product of a singular blending and aging process that yield a flight of rich and expressive scents.

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