Brown Shoes Are Your Friend

Of course, you can wear red, tan or green shoes in fall, but your most versatile option is definitely brown. Now, Brown “narrows” your color choice down to about 350 because there are so many different shades! On top of that, you can choose different leather textures and finishes. The most classic is the plain box calf finish, but suede is particularly suited for flannel because both have a certain texture that work well together.

Of course, there are all kinds of exotic leathers such as elephant or alligator, but in terms of versatility, a trio of chocolate brown suede derby shoes, a cognac brown full brogue and oxblood cordovan loafers will get you very far because you can combine them with so many things. Antiqued cherry monk straps would also work with many things, but if you are still building a wardrobe keep these three shoes in mind.

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